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The Boss RC-600 and RC-505mk2 loop stations are awesome, but neither have a desktop editor that allows you to manage your memory locations, system settings, and audio loops.
...so we created one for you!
click below to download the RC600 / RC-505mk2 editor.
(Tested against Firmware 1.3)

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NOTE: this website, the developer, and the software are in no way affiliated with Boss/Roland. This editor was created because there wasn't an official one. We have no control over how Boss/Roland write their configuration files (memories/system etc.) Although we endeavor to ensure that everything works as expected, please use your common sense and back-up your system drive regularly.

Easy Edit

Edit your memory locations and system settings with ease...no more back-ache!


Memory Manager

Easily paste settings into multiple locations with the click of a button.


Create Backups

Backup all your system, memory, and loops with the click of a button!


Manage Audio

Manage your loop audio with import, export, cut, copy, paste, and play functionality


Set Lists

Quickly drag and drop memory locations to create, and load from set lists.


Easy Edit

Stop scrolling through confusing menu items

Although laid out to mirror the RC-600 & RC-505mk2 menu system, the desktop editor allows you to easily update memory and system settings.
I've coded the editor screens to be both functional and intuitive, with easy "revert" functionality if required.

Use drag and drop to re-order memory locations, and right click on locations to rename, or reset to factory!

Download the Editor

Memory Manager

Use Memory manager to copy settings between memory locations.

Using this tool, you can quickly update multiple memory locations based on your current workflow. Reset Assigns, Mode button configuration, or any other setting!

If your looper is available on your network, you can also use this screen to bulk "push" changes to your hardware.

Download the Editor

Easy Backup and Restore features

Single click backup creation and feature rich restore options!

It's always good practice to back-up regularly, and the RC-600 / RC-5050mk2 editor makes that easy with its backup button. You also get a great restore feature that allows you to choose exactly what you want to load!

Download the Editor

Audio Manager

Listen to, import, export WAV files between locations!
You can even use the editor to bounce down tracks while you're offline (which is very cool)

The audio editor allows you to do all the stuff you want to with your WAV files. It detects the WAV file properties and will prompt if you need to provide tempo information.

The audio editor will also auto-convert 8,16 and 24bit wav files to the required 32bit 2 channel, 44100hz format (including the 512kb padding requirement!)

Download the Editor

Setlist Manager

Do you just have loads of songs?

Got a last minute wedding gig...Use the setlist manager to curate your memory locations making it easy to tailor your gig to your audience!

The setlist manager also makes it easy to manage your song templates or just use them to catalog your creative ideas!

Download the Editor

Version 2024.3.2 now available (Tested against Firmware 1.4)
Windows 10 (Build 19041) / Mac 12 (Monterey) and above.
Version 2023.4.7 available for Mac 11 (Big Sur)

Click the button below to download the latest RC-600 / RC-505mk2 Editor

Download the editor

Download for free to see how you like it, then, if you want to use it to update your files, you can obtain an unlock key using the Licence option in the app.

Alternatively you can purchase the app now by visiting the purchase page.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. This software is not affiliated to Boss/Roland. It was created by John (Moose) Taylor, an RC-600 user who also happened to be an application developer.

Yes, just select Mac when you download

Everyone is free to download the software and try it out, but you will find that the save functionality is disabled. You need to visit my payment provider page to purchase.
You will then be emailed an unlock code that you enter in the app to unlock

Nope, One licence, regardless of whether it's Mac or PC, or what your looper is. The software detects if your RC-600 or RC-505mk2, so can easily switch between them

All good, One licence, regardless of whether it's Mac or PC

Something on your mind?

Click the button below to get editor support, make a feature request, or just say "Hi".

Found a bug!

Have you discovered a bug? (in the editor)
Sorry about that. Use the button below to tell us, and we'll get it sorted.

Note: If you have any general usage questions for the RC-600 Loopstation, I recommend you ask those on the "RC-600 Editor" Facebook page here

Version History

Fixed Reordering bug where memory number would not update until reload.
Fixed issue with adding locations from SetList could cause a crash.
Portuguese Language support (provided by Manuel Soares)
External WAV Editor support in the audio manager (add external editor details in settings) [NOTE: Windows only...Mac implementation is not complete]
Fixed Bug: (supplied by Gene) None of the parameter details appear for FX Type PANNING DELAY in the Memory Editor for Input or Track FX
Fixed Bug: (supplied by Gene) Memory manager page Track FX Bank C - Pedal B & C are linked - so can not select them seperately
Fixed Bug: (supplied by Gene) The Time parameter on Delays displays incorrect value.
Functional Community Page (with actual downloads and stuff!)
Fixed an internal error when renaming a memory.
Updated dialog screens to better handle default buttons & to accept enter keypress (windows only).
Import audio now autotrims wav files to match expected sample count.
This will fix the issue where an RC looper will change a memories tempo when the audio is imported (as happens when using Boss Tone Studio).
Addressed issues with re-ordering in the setlists.
Fixed setlist scrolling.
Clear all basket entries also changes Value indicator.
Onconnect-goto screen option added to settings.
Update master Measure Length when Time Signature changes.
Added Community page placeholder.
Allow user to specify custom rhythm pattern names.
Updated dialog screens to show when buttons are hovered over.
Updated links to user guides for different langauges.
Basket entries can now be saved and reloaded within Memory Manager and edited in the Settings page.
Basket entries now show green button if added..
Spanish Language support (provided by Luis)
Fixed Bug: Actions Dialog height updated.
Fixed Bug: Updated mapping for Ballroom Rhythm Patterns.
Fixed Bug: Delete NOTES not working.
Fixed Bug: Audio Manager: Song Title white text on MAC
New: When you import a WAV, it will update track MEASURES (if not currently set to FREE or Auto)
New: Import WAV defaults to current Beats Per Measure, and now displays 5/8, 6/8, and 7/8.
WAV Studio v1.0.0.0 released.
Rotator for the Home page (to allow for more shortcuts).
Stop people creating a setlist on the same drive as the looper.
Stop people creating a setlist at the same location as an existing setlist.
Include standard report columns option added to settings page.
Added 'Wav Recorded' to the Track values in Memory Editor.
Fixed the delete buttons on the Basket Values in the Memory Manager page.
Fixed issue with the folder history dialog displaying blank lines.
Value slider changes now correctly update the combobox scroll position (mac only).
Italian Language support (provided by Andrea Gasparetto).
Fixed issue Restore notes from backup.
Added the what's new screen to the Home page.
Added Help screen to Home page.
Fixed the check for updates button on the home screen.
Allow basket values to be documented
Remove basket entries from system editor
SetList Re-Index -> Alpha, add SetList busy indicator, speed up set list code.
Show Total Size of connected drive (in GB) on Home screen.
Fixed some UI sizing issues
Fixed Memory Manager not saving to targets unless at least one basket entry added.
Fixed audio import when changing sample rate resulted in PCM format.
Corrected message shown when restore from backup completes
Display issue with Guide Rhythm. Values missing initial 2/4 which caused other displayed settings to be out by 1 (so 4/4 trp instead of basic 4/4)
HRM Manual vs HRM Auto (M) voice settings
Append HHmm timestamp to documentation and backups
Improved detection on hardware looper
Copy Track and Assign Notes in Memory Manager
Add to Basket functionality for the Memory Manager
Changed buttons for user and parameter guides
Added buttons for user and parameter guides to home screen.
Added Assign Notes
Added assign notes, assign source and targets to the generated documentation.
Added Expand / Collapse indicators to the sections.
Made section expansion sticky between memories (if sync sections selected in the settings page)
BugFix: WHuff's CUR.TRK NUM as a pedal function generated an error fix
BugFix: Humberto's 54bpm fix (minimum bpm was being set to 60 in the audio import)
Added FistChanceException handler to log errors thrown in non-editor code.
Mac only: Hacked the combobox value editor to render correct colour text (will remove code when control vendor fixes issue)
Added Selected FX banks
Increased number of SetLists to 10
Added Selected FxBanks and FxTypes to documentation generator.
Add Boss doc pdf names to the resource files (so you can now get the french parameter guide).
Fix crash when saving system file.
Additional exception handling code added to trap errors during application loading.
Bug Fix: Fixed recent issue where app could crash when a dialog window attempts opens.
French language resource update
mp3 import now supported in Audio Editor
Bug Fix: Rename not saved unless you change something else.
Bug Fix: .Net 8 fetch plist entry for Big Sur
Fixed issue on Memory Compare related to LoopSync Mode
Firmware 1.3 release (about bloody time!)
.Net8.0 upgrade
Pointer Gestures
Drag Drop updates
Compare (n) memory locations to see the differences (as an Excel output)
French Language support
German Language support
Check for updates on open
Firmware 1.3 Loop Status added
Added further error logging to setlist manager
Bug Fix: Up/Down value buttons sometimes didn't enable
2023.4.7 (Big Sur)
Firmware 1.3 release (about bloody time!)
Compare (n) memory locations to see the differences (as an Excel output)
Renamed Insert FX to Input FX (doh!)
Added better scrollbar support for machines with lower resolutions
Bug Fix: Hide group headers when hidden via stereolink
Added WAV playback looping to Audio Manager
Added logging
Added section sync
Added save all
Added Links to User Guide and Parameter Guide
Moved Up/down to left of slider (to reduce mouse travel)
Bug Fix: Changed logic for determining if connected to looper drive (volume names with numbers)
Bug Fix: Last active memory can contain corrupt data.
Bug Fix: Fix combobox dropdown does not refresh when the connection is changed.
Added Settings page
Moved existing Theme settings from About screen to Settings page.
Added [Auto connect on Start] option.
Added [Select looper last active memory] option.
Added [Select editor last active memory] option.
Added [Perform memory integrity checks] option.
Improved time taken to load connected folder.
Added WAV file integrity chack for 512kb multiple byte count.
Added deletion of hidden MacOs ._ files.
Added filesize check when connecting to folder to see if files are corrupt (i.e. too small)
Fixed SetList entries not setting MemoryId
Fixed Mac dialog windows not showing textbox to enter unlock code (weird sh!t and no mistake)
This is big release...lots of changes and cool stuff.
Enhancement: Memory leak fixes...this is a big one.
New Feature: ComboBox Search.
New feature: Wav info.
New Feature: Sticky FX values.
New feature: Pre-parser.
New feature: Restore from backup added.
New Feature: Big Sur version check added to the check for updates
Bug Fix: Memory Manager layout fixes
Bug Fix: Sync to looper available status incorrect if you are connected to the looper
Bug Fix: Apply license failures
Bug Fix: Notes parser recover file if corrupt.
Bug Fix: Memory Name (display) had extra zero after reordering.
Fixed setlist drag to main list (it was locking up on some machines)
Ability to add song and track notes (initial implementation)
Updated the documentation to output note placeholders (ability to update notes coming soon)
Introduced new dialog screen and fixed the file browser for Mac users
Fixed visability for Memory Editor/ Output/ Routing:Input/Rhythm .... Sub 1 Right and Sub 2 Right
Added ability to update the master Tempo (which was readonly un until now). Updated styling on Mac image buttons to make them easier on the eye.
Added initial preview of the Generate documentation feature on the home screen (to hopefully generate a conversation around what the looper generated documentation should look like)
Mac build back to iPad scaling while we investigate popup errors
Mac build fixed. Big thanks to Alec Stansfield for testing the builds
audio manager cut/paste crash fixed
Improved folder loading
Added new control suite, added combobox selection, added faders to the audio manager, consolidated icons, restyled audio manager. Removed iPad scaling from Mac version (finally!)
Kostas strikes again :-) .... The Pop Rhythm section had one of the patterns out of sync...Percus2 (which is only available when time sig is 6/8)
The pye release!...changed the Play All code in the audio editor to start all the tracks at the same time.
The Tigger release!...You can now bounce down tracks using the editor.
Support release to investigate a user install issue.
Version check enhancement fixes issue where app tells you it's on the latest version when it's not.
"Variation on a theme"...updates the memory editor to allow sections to be collapsed and expanded.
Adds a new theme browser that allows to pick from Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Gray, and Black backgrounds (a lot less red).
"The Kostas catch"...Adds USB connect and Disconnect for Mac (I'll make this better later, but I've got it working)
Also fixes memory manager crash related to logging introduced in previous release.
Adds USB connect and Disconnect (Windows only ... Mac to follow)
Fixed issue where both A and B files could have the same count value (which could make the looper choose the incorrect "latest" file)
Added an indicator to the Assign section to flag when an assign is "active" (switch=On)
Audio manager now reponds to changes in the track volume (without the need for saving, so you can boost it just for listening back)
Also added a checkbox to the Audio manager to allow you to play back your wavs at 100% volume.
Made new memory picker more stable (as that's kinda important), removed 2 rogue track 6 entries from the 505 Assign source lookup
Enhanced Memory Picker: Instead of the Windows combobox or Mac scroller picker, the editor now shows a popup window where you can search by name or memory number as well as a listbox.
the enhanced picker also shows recent memories from your current session so you can quickly jump between locations.
RC-505mk2 assigns source and target value updates (created Rc-505mk2 lookup values, added IMM ALL ST/STP to RC-600)
RC-505mk2 fix for assigns source and target values (as Rc-505mk2 uses different nodes as the RC-600 for the same controls... weird but true)
Fixed rendering for Sub1 right and Sub2 right on the output Routing:Track
Fixed issue where smaller screen sizes would stop the browse button from registering a click
Fixed issue where memory manager updates required an app restart before you could view them correctly in the memory editor.